W was created in 2018 to provide a place for every young woman (aged 14 to 40 years) to find the services, support, opportunities and information that she needs regardless of what stage of life she’s at right now.

We recognise that every one of us is an individual, and may be going through a number of different things at the same time; starting a new job, having a baby, seeking financial advice, looking for a mentor or wondering, what next?

W has been made possible thanks to the generous contribution of YWCA Auckland, YWCA Aotearoa / New Zealand, and the support of the Ministry for Women. A huge thanks and acknowledgement also goes to the many dedicated women’s organisations that have supported this initiative and continue to do so as it grows.

This is a new site, and we welcome all kinds of feedback! It will be warmly received, so please do get in touch.